"  With {joy} and laughter let old wrinkles come.  " 

-William Shakespeare




The richest hour of the day with the deepest glow provides the perfect backdrop to dance across fields of wildflowers and giggle amidst the blanket of evening light. As you laugh all snuggled close, the flicker of light peaking through your hair, we create images that tell your story and capture moments otherwise fleeting.  

Families | Couples | Seniors

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Your home, imperfect and lived in, the place you're raising your babies, the place you cook and clean up 93,274 times each day. The walls and the rugs seem to be soaking up the memories faster than you can bottle  them up to keep for yourself. Let's create a time together baking cookies, reading books, eating snacks and building forts. Kissing in the kitchen and dancing down the halls, its where the little moments really do matter the most. 


Investment starting at $475



If I'm honest, as a mama to my own three beautiful babies, this is where my heart is. Watching a mother bring her baby into the world is the most humbling & honorable privilege I have had the joy of witnessing . If you have brought a baby earth side you know the insane process of labor and birth. It is an orchestra of minutes that seem to last hours, mountain tops and deep valleys, a breaking of the woman you were for the birth of your child and the birth of a mother.  The hours following are some of the most precious and fleeting moments, the freshness and beauty they hold can be preserved just two ways, deep in a mother's heart and through images captured. 

Investment starting at $375






Just what it sounds like, playing in the mud. These are some serious fun, and I guarantee you will get dirty. 

Investment starting at $375

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Emily Sara
Williams Bay, WI

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