Mud Shoot: Benson Family

When I was growing up we were always playing outside. My best friends were my neighbors, we went to each others houses unannounced, drew bike paths with chalk, caught turtles, swam all day, made swings in the woods, ran through yards catching lighting bugs, played "kick the can" until it was too dark to see or our moms called us in. I remember being hot with sweat and covered in dirt with a very full heart. I know, or at least it feels like the world is a different place. Kids aren't offered this same freedom of running wild and exploring the world. Bad lurks all over, I read stories online that leave me anxious for weeks, and yet I believe that there is relief in the chill of the fresh air and the softness of the dirt on your feet, only through the God that takes all fears and offers rest. Take the time to play outside. You too, mom. Catch frogs, pick flowers, catch a whole jar of lightning bugs and don't come in until the sun is tucked away. And when you come in and get all cleaned up, thank Him for the simple gifts that are right outside (and inside) your door.