Zack Asks Emily to Marry Him!

A few weeks ago I got a call from a wonderful mother, asking if I would be able to photograph her daughter's upcoming engagement, and of course I jumped right on that opportunity! It was a flurry of schedules colliding and travel plans merging, but right in between when the ring was finally ready, Zack made it happen. He and Emily would go out on the lake for him to try out his new fishing pole before they took off on vacation. As they left the boat dock, little did Emily know a photographer lurked in the bushes near by, feeling mighty creepy but had a job to do. They circled around the Lake while I went to a friend's (Hey Jimmy!) nearby home on the water and positioned to capture the moment Zack got down on one knee, and then got back on his seat, and then back on his knee because Emily didn't turn around from anchoring the boat in time ;) . It was beautiful! Zack even thought to bring champagne to celebrate. I cannot tell you how sweet their story is, that starts with a "call me" note to the wrong, much older, male substitute teacher, to champagne and a "yes" on the water. Thank you Emily and Zack, Peggie and Jimmy, for the honor of capturing such a special day, you guys nailed it! Cheers!