A Legacy

My mom found another photo of my great great grandmother, Sue (the woman in the framed photo below) and I immediately hung it right next to this one on our dining room wall. It got me thinking about the incredible stash of family photos we have, and why on earth are they not being displayed? So I've set out to make an heirloom wall of our family's story. A mix of Jonathan's roots and mine, for Francesca to learn about her heritage and what she's been built with.

This also sent me on another trail, our generation does NOT have printed photos like these and that is NOT cool. So I hereby declare September the month of Heirloom Images. Whoever you are and whoever your family is, let's take some beautiful, timeless portraits of you and then PRINT them. Yes, you heard me correctly, not only upload but put them on paper for your great grandchildren to pull off the wall one day and ask questions about who you were and what you did in your life. So join me, start purposefully leaving a legacy and let's put it in print.